Comments/Concerns (Lefroy Minor Hockey)



We at Lefroy Minor Hockey Association are dedicated to ensuring the success and satisfaction of all of our members from IP right up to Juvenile.  We are all here to help in any way possible to ensure that your child and you as the parents are satisfied in every reasonable way with our organization and your experiences within our teams and/or events.  Here is a general list of who to contact and we will return all questions/comments/concerns within a reasonable amount of time.

General Questions/comments : [email protected]
This includes questions/comments like "How do I register?" or  "How can I volunteer?"

Website/Social Media Suggestions/Requests/Comments : [email protected]
This includes things like "Can you post this on our website?" Also, we do our best to monitor our Website as well as all social media however if we miss something that is offensive/inappropriate, please use this email to have it removed.

To file a formal complaint or to have an issue or suggestion brought in front of our executive board: [email protected] or [email protected]
This includes major issues such as coach to player, player to player, parent to player, or even parent to parent mistreatment, referee issues, fundraising requests/suggestions for the league, sponsorship information/leads, etc.