Dear all LMHA Past and Present Members, News (Lefroy Minor Hockey)

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Mar 22, 2019 | BJ Morden | 1632 views
Dear all LMHA Past and Present Members
It has come to the attention of the LMHA Board that there have been rumours floating around the hockey circles and the arena about the future of LMHA and the Loop (the centres that we travel to play our games) for the 2019 season. The LMHA Board would like to put a stop to these rumours and let all our past and present member know the position of the LMHA Board.

First a bit of background for those that do not know what this email is about.  

In October of 2018 In September of 2018, LMHA was approached by Innisfil Minor Hockey Association to participate in a round table discussion about the future of Thornton Minor Hockey Association (TMHA), Innisfil Minor Hockey Association (IMHA) and Essa Minor Hockey Association (EMHA).  The round table discussion was held and LMHA as at the table.  These early discussions revolved around ideas and thoughts that had no bearing on LMHA.  Discussions were about how to make Rep more appealing to our area and how to develop Rep from an A status to an AA status.  LMHA did not want to participate in these discussions as we are currently not offering Rep hockey so it was decided that the two Rep Centres (IMHA and EMHA) would discuss the Rep ideas on their own and the focus of this round table would shift to focus on Local League.

In October of 2018 round table discussions continued and LMHA was once again at the table.  The discussions started to revolve around the idea of creating a new Local League Loop.  Ideas were thrown around and various additional centre names were thrown in to the discussion, even though LMHA, IMHA, TMHA and EMHA were the only ones involved in these talks.  At this time the OMHA joined in on these discussions and appointed Joe Rudnick as a Special Liaison to the project and to serve as the Chair of the project. 

October was the last time that LMHA attended any of these meetings, however the meetings continued, and the project continued to grow and show momentum and acceptance by IMHA, TMHA and EMHA.  During the next three months the idea of a new Loop was formed, a name was created (89 North), a constitution was in the works and by-laws were starting to be drafted.  Again, LMHA did not participate in these meetings nor did LMHA have a hand in crafting the constitution nor the bylaws.

On January 14th a meeting was held for the project where more discussions were had and the final versions of the defining documents of the new Loop where detailed.  Once again LMHA did not attend this meeting.

During the month of February, the centres that wished to participate in the new Loop were asked to sign letters of intent for joining and creating this new loop. IMHA, TMHA and EMHA all signed letters of intent in support of creating the new Loop.  LMHA did not sign a letter of intent.

At the end of February, the application for the creation of a new Loop was submitted to the OMHA for their approval.  On March 6th, 2018 the OMHA let the three centres that signed Letters of Intent know that the OMHA had provided the “OK” to proceed with the new “89 North” Loop.

On March 8th, LMHA held their monthly Board Meeting and the OMHA was invited to attend the meeting to answer questions about the new ‘89 North’ Loop.  There was a great number of questions and good discussion was had at this meeting. 

While LMHA has known about the project to create ‘89 North’ and had participated in a couple of the inaugural meetings, LMHA was not part of the creation of this Loop and did not participate in the drafting of any of the documents for this new Loop.

LMHA has become aware that our logo and name have been associated with information surrounding the ‘89 North’ Loop, including presentations put out by IMHA and TMHA.  The use of our logo and name were against our wishes and these associations did not seek our permission to do so.  LMHA has also become aware that there have been members from other associations telling our members that LMHA is joining the ‘89 North’ Loop.  These rumours are simply not true.

At this time, LMHA has not signed a letter of intent to join the ‘89 North’ Loop and we have planned to remain part of the Simcoe Region Local League for the 2019 season.

Here are the facts:
  • 89 North Loop exists and has been approved by the OMHA
  • EMHA, IMHA and THMA have signed Letters of Intent to join the 89 North Loop
  • No other centres have joined the 89 North Loop
  • LMHA has not joined the 89 North Loop
  • LMHA did not give permission for our logo, nor our name to be used in conjunction with any 89 North Loop advertisements or materials Sincerely, Your LMHA Board 
Your LMHA Board